Hydroelectric Power Plant Operating Principles

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Generators in Hydroelectric Power Plants

Employing the principle of electromagnetic induction, the electric generator transforms the mechanical energy of a rotating turbine shaft into electric energy. Due to the lower rotation frequency of water turbines, generators in hydroelectric power plants are much larger than generators of the same output in thermal power plants.

Drawing Scheme of a Hydroelectric Power Plant.

Drawing Scheme of a Hydroelectric Power Plant.

Video: 3D model of hydroelectric power plant.

Video: 3D model of hydroelectric generator.

An underground hall with a row of generators powered by water turbines (New Zeeland). (Source: © 3532studio / stock.adobe.com)
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Generators in the powerhouse of the Hoover hydroelectric power plant on the border of Arizona and Nevada, USA. (Source: © James / stock.adobe.com)
The Powerhouse covered hydro-generators at the Zeya hydroelectric power plant, Russia. (Source: © alexhitrov / stock.adobe.com)
Generator room in the Glen Canyon hydroelectric power plant in Glen Canyon, Arizona (USA). (Source: © travelview / stock.adobe.com)
6 pictures